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The ruling party is rewarded with the employment of their ‘people’ in universities in different capacities which discourages genuine researchers and scholars.The situation is not much different in universities run by corporate bodies, military or private sector.On his way out of town, Saul catches a break when he spots a familiar face. Some weeks ago I received an email from Dr Altaf Qadir with an attachment – a photograph of a document – a directive from Ishtiaq Ahmed, Section officer, Government of Punjab (Pakistan), Higher Education Department addessed to Vice Chancellors/Rectors, Public/Private Sector Universities in Punjab on the subject of ….“I am directed to refer to the subject and inform that it has been pointed out by various Security Agencies that research Topics being given to the students in the universities of the Punjab are of anti-Pakistan and anti-cultural in nature.

Apparently he had plagiarised his entire thesis from a single book.Many such bodies were formed that resulted in producing major policy documents. There are number of other policy recommendations in the last one and half decades which limited/limits education to literacy only.The policies of the State has encouraged the private sector to invest in education.“I am in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and it is notified for the Universities in Punjab.

A similar type of directive was circulated by Higher Education Commission Islamabad addressed to VCs of all universities.

It is pertinent to note that there are different types of public and private institutions which follow the books published by and do not use government approved textbooks.