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It’s a fascinating tale stretching through most of human history, with many twists and turns.

Stone carvings from that era, depicting meditative poses similar to those used in modern yoga, have been found in the Indus Valley region of India.Another crucial early text on yoga was the Bhagavad Gita, a Hindu spiritual text that expounds heavily on the proper practice of several branches of yoga and its importance to living a good and balanced life.The three branches described in the Gita were karma yoga, a philosophy of selfless action; bhakti yoga, a total faith in the divine as opposed to rote memorization of scripture and ritual; and jnana yoga, a difficult path of selfless spiritualism intended to bring one into unity with the true reality.You’ll note that this still sounds quite different from the “soccer mom” yoga commonly practiced today.

As the centuries progressed, yoga continued to evolve, branching into many different practices and philosophies.

Specifically, the Vedas helped to establish the ideals of physical and spiritual harmony that yoga is based upon.

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