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His suspicions were proven when Rosie showed a video of them kissing. In early October 2008, Tony invited Liam and Maria to come with him and Carla for a weekend away. On the night of 16th October 2008, Tony hired his friend Jimmy to run Liam over on his stag night.Tony took Liam to an underground cave and asked him to be his best man. Tony stole Liam's wallet and when they headed to a men's club, Liam thought he left his wallet back at the pub, so Tony convinced him to head back.Jed teamed up with her and told Maria about Tony evicting him from his home.On Christmas Eve, Jed confronted Tony and after Tony accidentally told Jed about Liam's killer Jimmy, Jed threatened to go to the police, which resulted in Tony strangling him.

Tony witnessed his father die of a heart attack, but did nothing to help and just left him to die, believing his mother was better off without him.When Liam stepped onto the road, Jimmy raced round the corner in his car and hit Liam, killing him on impact.Tony held Liam in his arms while the other men called an ambulance, and told him "the best man lost".The hack could be used to send premium rate messages, record phone calls and even track locations Once someone has this signature, it's easier to crack the encryption code of a card and as soon as a hacker gets access to a SIM they can remotely send malicious codes and infect the card with a virus.

Every SIM card has a unique cryptographic signature.

Tony also tried to buy Websters' Auto Centre garage, but Kevin Webster refused and took an instant dislike to Tony.