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Dutch You know if you ask them a question they will always give you an honest answer. " They are less traditional than the Americans and that if you do go out with a Dutchman, make sure you have your purse. There is a reason the saying 'going Dutch' exists. That is why you should not be surprised when you go out with a Spaniard and he wants to make-out in the car.Although they may come across as pushy, this is just a passionate characteristic these men possess.Why will an American guy take three days to call to ask you out?Why you should play hard to get with a Frenchman and are Italian men really the best lovers?Spanish men are the opposite of American men — he will call you the next day.Sometimes depending on when you met them, a couple hours after.4. French men physically and mentally arouse you with their suave lines and passion for life.Here are some of my favorite types of men I have dated:1. American men can be great to go out with because they actually take a girl on a proper date. An American date does not only consist of going to the pub to drink copious amounts of alcohol and then back to his place.Even though he would of course like an all-night romp, he will feed you first.

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They will sashay past you with their wobbly stilettos (which are worn even over blocks of ice) and designer bags (which carry a full pharmacy complete with a mini shoe polish and handwipes) and, if you tell them you pluck your own eyebrows and only get a facial once a month, will look at you as though you have just clawed your way out of a swamp.

Petersburg in 1988, moved to New York when I was five, and then moved back into a different crumbling communal building in St.

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