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, Patti backpedals claiming she could not sleep for days (or eat? She does major damage control telling Andy it was her idea to even set up gays on TV — no credit to Andy Cohen?Andy, not quick to let off the heat, calls her out saying she makes generalizations a.k.a. Let’s not sugar coat it, but Patti continues on her self-reflection stating she wants to soften up her image. CLICK THE CONTINUE READING BUTTON TO READ THE REST!You have to take a serious look at how you present yourself and your house. You have to put some effort into it if you really want to get it sold in this market because it really is competitive.It is no longer that you are living there and waking up. You have to stand out and the house has to show better than anything else in its price range. More voices: Adult Ent | Art | Bi | Business | Celebrity | Charity | Circuit Party | Comedy | Community | Dance | DJ | Drag | Fashion | Film/Movie | Gay | Lesbian | Local | Model | Music | Politics | Social | Sports/Fitness | Television | Theatre | Transgender | Writer Serving the Chicago gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender communities. Info on this site is strictly for entertainment purposes.

The thing that drives the mystique of many of these shows is the fact that the audience is rarely aware of the backdrop stories that drive many of the relationships on the shows.

It may have pigeonholed me with certain clientele but most are pretty open minded and liberal.