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Power imbalances led some subordinate women to experience coercion and abuse.Bay-Cheng suspects this gender inequality is due to male privilege."For men, having less power in a relationships is an exception – and usually a benign one – to the rule."In a social context, women are still dealing with less power in the workplace, classrooms, and public places, where they feel the need to stay alert for sexism.The findings revealed both men and women reported either being the dominant or subordinate partner in a relationship.

These men were less affected by the power imbalances, as one man admitted to feeling "self-loathing" but described his relationship as “three miserable years filled with great sex.”In women, power imbalance signified a lot more than just poor relationship quality.Transgender means the person does not identify with the sex they were assigned at birth.For example, a person we’ve worked with was assigned a male sex at birth and identifies with the female gender - so they’d be considered a transgender female.“I like to get dressed up in a skirt and heels a few times a week just because it feels good.”transgender male“I’m very math and science-minded, which makes it difficult to relate to potential partners.”cysgender female“I feel like I don’t have enough energy to meet the sexual needs of a partner.”cysgender male“Ever since childhood I have obsessed over having a dream wedding and kids.”cysgender male“I feel like I don’t have enough energy to meet the sexual needs of a partner.”cysgender male“I love to go out dancing with friends and want a partner who likes to dance.”cysgender male“I cannot multi-task for the life of me.”cysgender female“I don’t have any kind of sex trauma - and I don’t really like sex.”cysgender male“I’ve had body image issues and eating disorders throughout my whole life.”cysgender male“I’m very wishy-washy and have a hard time making decisions.”cysgender male“I’m a full-time parent.”cysgender male“I tend to go all-in with new relationships, claiming that they’re ‘the one’ very early on.”cysgender male“I don't want to be constantly processing things and talking about feelings.”cysgender female“I don’t want to have kids.”cysgender female“My partner has childhood sexual trauma, and I don't know how to help them feel more comfortable in bed with me.”cysgender female“I climax too quickly for most partners.”cysgender female“I’m getting facial resurfacing treatments to look younger.”cysgender male“I work as an auto-mechanic, am married to a woman, and am the mother of three.”transgender female“I like to have multiple partners.”cysgender female Did your guesses match up? The reason I'm writing this article is because we’ve found that many people who hold stereotypes about men and women have a hard time starting relationships and/or maintaining them.Here, a woman assumes a dominant role, but this is only to avoid being treated as a subordinate.

Ironically, this makes the woman more subordinate because she assumes if he pays for dinner, she will need to repay him with a physical token of affection.

It appears gender equality exists in relationships, but a new study published in has found looks can be deceiving.