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It is necessary to underline that the political manipulation is widely used not only in the totalitarian and authoritative states where often is a dominating method of activity of mass-media, but also in modern western democracies, especially in party propagation and during selective companies.Today any presidential or parliamentary selective company in the countries of the West and many other states doesn't do without use of receptions of a political manipulation and advertizing which, closely intertwining among themselves, create at spectators representations rather far from a reality about the certain politician.Among the forms of a manipulation carried to this model, the following are allocated: reduction of volume of the information accessible to the ordinary citizen; propagation use, i.e.granting to citizens partly true, but the tendentious information; Privacy use, i.e.At such approach the person is considered as the simple mechanism operating by a principle stimulus reaction.

So, for example, the person conducting armed struggle, for creation of the independent national state, is named as the fighter for freedom, the separatist, the terrorist, the guerrilla, the insurgent.problem of research of sociopolitical sciences which is still insufficiently studied in the scientific literature.Naturally, in one article it is impossible to capture all aspects of a political manipulation, therefore I would like to consider only its concept and definition.devices represents mass media use (further - mass-media) for a political manipulation-hidden of management of political consciousness and behavior of people on purpose to force them to operate or stay idle contrary to own interests. And it is From all variety of the processing methods used for changing the political behavior of people, it is possible to allocate the receptions, allowing to manipulate behavior of people. In this connection it is necessary to notice that quite often there are situations when enough fast and effective influence on behavior of people is required to the political subject, but thus it is limited in the right to apply frank compulsion and violence, it doesn't have possibilities to affect on those who possesses powers to pass laws or other statutory acts, it doesn't have time to wait, when peoples belief and valuable preferencespolitics manipulation is understood as a special kind of influence when the manipulator induces the person to actions which that didn't intend to carry out at present.Therefore to the simple person it is enough difficult to understand political events, to explain, estimate them In modern political space knowledge of a reality of mass-media are always mediated and from which citizens, first of all, scoop representations about it, therefore it is impossible to distinguish the displayed information from the displayed phenomenon.

It serves as the precondition for a political manipulation as the way of the latent management of political consciousness and behavior of people on purpose to generate at them necessary political representations, readiness for certain type of political action [3]. Bernajsa's theories it is offered to operate mass consciousness in interests of ruling classes by means of influence methods on the instinctively-emotional party of mentality of the person, for example, through a method of "creation of events when the external activator will be organized so that it, influencing instincts and emotions, maintained a cash stereotype of people or destroyed it and created the main models: psychological and rational.

Manipulation differs from power, imperious influence with certain values and the norms perceived mainly on trust, without rational critical judgement of [2] realities, the validity in mass consciousness. When myths manage to be introduced imperceptibly in consciousness of mass, they find huge force for the majority of people don't suspect about occurring manipulation.

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