Marriage and dating customs in china

As in, if she knows exactly what to say to you to make you feel better despite having known you for just a week.This means she is paying attention to every little detail about you.But now the times have changed and Chinese women have been engaging in sexual activities before their marriage.Living under the same roof, the parents behave that they don’t know what their children are up to. Parents behave like they don’t know what their daughters are up to and the daughters behave like they have just been going to school and coming back home.

Similar to a small community, there were distinct classes in these extended families. Just like any other community, these living conditions could not properly function without any discipline.Chinese women are aware of the whole “friends with benefits” idea but they always link their intimacy with men to a relationship.In china, women are used to giving out signs of wanting to get married to someone in just a few days of knowing them.Chinese women tend to respect marriage and family values more than western women and hence divorce, despite being an option, does not give them the best results.