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My sex life when I was single was rich and varied and continuous.

He learned things at rehab and I at individual counseling. I know it is NOT easy, turning to alcohol will just make you more depressed. I'm exactly the same and the only advice you can get is to "spice up your marriage" or "find something in common".As a result—and often without realizing we’re doing it—we become overly defensive and come across to others as detached, aloof, or even hostile, which only pushes them further away.How Loneliness Operates in Marriages Although we might believe marriage can insulate us from the ravages of loneliness, that is quality of our relationships not their objective quantity, nor just by whether we happen to be living with a spouse.Although affair provided love, affection, an escape it just made me feel more lonely at home as I was always longing to be with the AP.

Long story short, affair ended, I was devastated and I finally just couldn't conitinue on with how everything was so I confronted my husband with my affair and his drinking.

On the mental health front, loneliness puts us at risk for depression and anxiety and causes us to distort our perceptions such that we view ourselves, our lives, and our relationships more negatively—which in turn, influences our behavior in damaging ways.

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