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This book will guide and inspire them on their quest for a new soulmate.Are you sick to the back teeth of searching for Mr Right, and forever ending up with Mr Wrong?Cynthia shows how searching for a fulfilling new relationship must be undertaken mindfully and strategically, and that in order to attract the partner she deserves – a woman must first feel good about herself.

Unless they’re an unhinged obsessive, in which case they’re probably not your ideal partner. Good luck with your mature dating journey.”Remember that if you’ve swapped a few messages with someone, they may be getting their hopes up about meeting you. A white lie that you’ve met someone else may soften the blow.These two businesses have put me in a unique to position to help older women find long-term contentment with the right partner.Like many women, I have (in the past) found myself to be .Do you feel despondent, weary, and about to throw in the towel? My motivation for writing this guide to love at any age was fuelled by a profound desire to empower women to dig themselves out of mental apathy and deliver results-orientated action. For many years, I was the Chief Executive of Dinner Dates, the UK’s longest-established networking organisation for high-end professional single people, and I had countless experiences of helping women to find love.

This is a road map for women who find themselves, for whatever reason, searching for a partner in mid or later life. In turn, after Dinner Dates, I set up The International Dating Academy, a one-stop-shop, for people who want to improve their dating skills.

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