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And if it is two positions before the end, then it is seven hundred.Mathematically, you will see that digit is multiplied by the "base" of 10 raised to the position of the digit: Likewise, among the Maya, the position of a "digit" also determines the actual value of the digit.Another group, the speakers of Yucatec, adopted the script to write their own language.However, in some places, both languages were represented on hieroglyphic inscriptions, which not only stumped archaeologists for many years but also offered tantalizing clues into how Maya languages have interacted.

The order to read Maya glyphs is also not as straightforward as it would seem.However, unlike our system, which is based on powers of 10, the Maya (and Mesoamericans in general) used powers of 20.Also, unlike our system, which has an individual symbol for each digit (0, 1, 2, 3, ...), the Maya only employed three basic symbols: A dot for a value of "one", a bar for a value of "five", and a shell for the value "zero".Since glyph blocks are arranged in a grid, one would think that the reading order is either in rows or columns.

In reality, Maya glyphs are read in "paired columns", meaning that the first glyph block is on the top left, the second is immediately to the right of the first, the third is under the first, the fourth under the second, and so forth. When you arrive at the bottom of this "paired column", you will then go back up to the top and start the next paired column.

While we're on the subject of what the Maya could "say", let's talk about Maya languages.