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The redheaded tart got angry, and stole about a couple hundreds of bucks but A told everyone she stole a lot. But the proof that A was a species of expat loser was what happened afterward.Not wanting to start off modestly while waiting for opportunity to arise, A got himself a nice room in mid-class kost/boarding house that ate off one third of his remaining cash.A thought he could conquer Indonesia – he ain’t got any degree and his work domain was not something rare in the archipelago (and after having seen his works, yours truly could confirm that he is average, not excellent but not bad – just average) – and he didn’t intend to work or do anything until he met the Indonesian girl X.X previously got an old boyfriend who sucked in bed, but financially OK – for one and a half years she sucked money, luxurious pleasures, free holidays and gadgets off him, all the way by flirting here and there.She works as a massage-call-girl, so every time you need her, you call her cellphone and she will come, anywhere, to give you a little massage, or more, should you wish her to.She would gently rub your pain and your fatigue and jerk you off for a little extra money.

When Karisma welcomed Honey – a best friend she made on the first day of her freshman year at university – into her home, she had unconsciously set fire to her quiet house life.But a month before X met A, the old perv broke up with her (he was caught redhanded cheating on her) and thus she only got a little “goodbye” fund in her bank account.After meeting X, A got perfectly smitten by her and left his bigot Eastern European tart, moving to Jakarta, hoping he would land a well-paying job.For Karisma’s father, 52-year-old Harris, had secretly been nurturing an obsession towards younger women: he was secretly obsessed with those Japanese porn starlets from all the DVDs he got in the bronxy Glodok.

And Honey never had a father – all her life she had always been missing and longing to have just one dad, a fact that led her only too often towards underage prostitution she started in high school.

And while many of them have already got kicked out of Indonesia, some of them still remain here. He is 40, actually looking OK, previously worked in a big city in the East Coast, before getting the sack – he was freelancing for ten years and never bothered getting fully employed, so when he got the sack, he was left without nothing.

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