Microdefs error liveupdate had an error updating the virus definitions My free dirty cam

I then had another automatic update complete the failed update @ AM CST.So although I had a failed update - it did complete later. Perhaps the Norton Server, perhaps a glitch in the update, perhaps a hiccup on my system or with my ISP.It would appear that it downloaded NIS version, which is why I ran liveupdate a few times after it installed in order to get the latest version ( and its associated updates.I had to run liveupdate 3 times before it did all this (apart from the "failed to complete", of course).I then ran liveupdate again and it downloaded some more updates but, once again failed to complete, but once again actually applied another patch.I finally ran liveupdate a third time and it said that there were 2 updates available but it didn't download them. Every time I ran liveupdate after that I just got the "failed to complete" message.Just curious which version of NIS are you downloading? I don't fully understand why you are needing so many updates to get it current.

I've already put into place the SMSMSE service restart task as suggested by some of the Symantec KB but that doesn't seem to be fixing the issue. There seems to be quite a difference between Win 8 and Win 7 running Norton in regards to which system runs Norton smoothly and which one has more hiccups.There also appears to be more situations with systems running NIS (although updated), than the update Norton Security Deluxe.Btw, I ran NRT a number of times (with reboots in between), one after the other, because the general advice from others in this forum in the past has been to do so in order to ensure that NRT has uninstalled everything.

I don't know if it was necessary, but it doesn't do any harm (I've followed this procedure on the few occasions in the past when I've had to reinstall NIS). It won't download the Download Updates or the Process Updates.

This all started yesterday when I tried to open my vault (NIS version running on Windows 8.1 laptop) and it failed to open after I had entered my vault password.

Microdefs error liveupdate had an error updating the virus definitions comments

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