Microsoft feeds msnbc news not updating

You can also enter the Internet address, known as the URL, of an RSS feed directly in Outlook.Other people can share an individual RSS link with you through Outlook.With RSS, summaries of content are delivered to you, and then you decide which specific articles you want to read by clicking a link.The delivery mechanism for RSS content is known as an RSS feed.Repeat this step for each MSNBC feed that you want to delete.On the IE blog, Eric Lawrence presented the User-Agent string for the beta version of Internet Explorer 8 which will be available later this year.If Common Feed List synchronization is turned on, an RSS Feed deleted in Outlook reappears if it remains on the Common Feed List.

For details on the RSS Platform User-Agent string in IE7 please take a look…Click the check box beside "Synchronize RSS Feeds to the Common Feed List (CFL) in Windows" to clear and deselect this option.Click "Mail" in the Outlook left-hand navigation pane.I still see the 100 headlines leading up to the end of June 30th, but nothing new. Hi A suggestion would be to remove the feed from your sidebar list and add it back in. Whatever was causing the problem must have been on their side.

I'm not aware of anything that changed on my end to cause this -- I certainly didn't do anything with Sidebar or RSS -- and if I go into RSS Feeds/MSNBC News in Outlook I see the very latest headlines are being downloaded so if Sidebar uses the standard Windows RSS transport that's not the problem. I don't know if anything changed with the feed or not, but doing this should get the new one, or the same old one, going again. Sometime in the past 24 hours the widget started working again.

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is a way for content publishers to make news, blogs, and other content available to subscribers.