Minimum height dating

Ok, awesome, whatever, I WAS ALL EXCITED TO GET ME A 5’1 SOUL MATE! BUT I wanted to know (and had to know) if people that “weren’t as attractive” had a shorter height preference.So I went to, and searched for 5’1 women who are between the ages of 26 and 32. That’s probably a whole other infographic I could make of what is the actual size (population) of my dating pool and not percentages. Yes, beauty is subjective, so this won’t be as scientific but I tried to be as fair with the rating as possible.Or does that 5’2 woman, on average, still want to date the guy that is “tall”?-Of my dating pool of women that are between 26 and 32 years of age and between 5’1 to 5’9, how many of them actually consider my height as their minimum height preference.Because only 33% percent of my dating pool on this medium actually wants to date me.And you’re probably saying “33% is a still a third Steven, that’s a lot”.So even though 50% of them said they would date my height, there is not very many of them. There were only 70 profiles that were active in the last 2 weeks. I also discovered something interesting…I know this is going to sound awful coming out of my mouth, but that’s only because it is. It was a 1 to 10 scale with no woman getting below a 4 and no woman getting a 10.So REALLY that only leaves about 35 women between the age of 26-32 that are 5’1 that would actually date me. And I tried to do a relative attractiveness scale, in that is she attractive to the masses.

I will probably use this data to make the decision to stop doing online dating.Let me just start off by saying this post isn’t going to be filled with earth shattering paradigm shifting ideas. What this blog IS going to be is stating the obvious, BUT it’s going to be stating the obvious and backing it up with statistical data. I mean I know this isn’t anything we don’t already know, but I wanted to figure out exactly how true this actually is. Thankfully I haven’t had a date in weeks, so I didn’t have to cancel any dates.So here it is, I hope you’re sitting down: I know right. I actually kind of had an aha moment when I was talking to one of my female friends and she was telling me about her date last week and she said it went fine “but he was kind of short”. – Age 26 to 32 – Height 5’1 to 5’9 – 30 miles radius of 92103 – For each age and height I took 10 data samples. 10 women who are 5’1 and 26 years old, 10 women who are 5’1 and 27 years old…etc.Because my idea of attractive is different than yours, but in general, I think society kind of has a norm of attractive.

Let me say, that every woman is beautiful to someone, and now let me say I’m an awful person because I rated women, but it was for science.

And so in my head, I’m doing the math and I’m thinking, well she’s about 5’4 or 5’5, so short to her must be like my height, which is 5’7 to 5’8, right? – Search results were sorted based on last log in, and NOT the “match picks”, assuring a better random selection – The first 10 profiles were the selected data points (someone asked if I only picked the “pretty girls”) – WARNING MATH STUFF: I used median vs the mean (arithmetic average) because it’s better suited for skewed distributions (like 5’2 women who want to date 6’6 guys) to derive a central tendency.