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They describe themselves as “sports moms” and say their families customarily attend one of the big churches in town.They’ve both lived in the area since before the H-E-B moved in—the typical dividing line that separates longtime residents from outsiders.“We can guarantee we’ll always be at those football games on Friday nights because our sons play,” said Michelle.“You don’t really see my face around the school much unless somebody’s messing with one of my boys.”The mothers gush while describing their sons as “above-average athletes,” goofy and popular.“They like to showboat and stuff, but, you know, they’re teenage boys, and they’re already pre-NFL,” glowed Michelle.

On a local reporter’s Facebook post, Ibarra wrote of Olivarez and Norman: “They didn’t do anything... I was raised with them.”Since the arrests, all 13 boys are walking free on bail until the investigation makes its way into a courthouse.

According to arrest affidavits, Weidner, Rutkowski, and an unnamed juvenile held down a struggling 15-year-old while Roberts raped him with a flashlight.