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Perhaps the best night out I have ever had since I was 23 years old!!! The whole "place" was dancing&.everywhere, everyone! I walked back to my friends with the beers and proceeded to dance for the next 2 ½ hours.It was better than any fantasy or dream I have ever had!It even seemed stranger that we were going to be left to get a bus at the immigration point at the border.When we arrived we saw a bus waiting, although it was "pointed" in the wrong direction. He said we were waiting for the bus to come across the (Zambezi) river from Zambia. We had been to this border twice and each time there were perhaps miles and miles of trucks lined up.As I was working on the SGN, Pilot was calling me to help us meet some "new friends" who would take us to "The Grand West".

Immediately I really liked Monica and wanted her to go with us to "The Grand West" which Pilot had mentioned two weeks ago. Although she was the head of LEGABIDO and very much the activist for LGBT rights in Bots, it also seemed she would rather not really be seen in a "gay environment".My heart sank, there might be no living with Louis today either&. She had insisted that I take a "prepay" cell phone and she called us every evening to be sure we were okay.Then Lao indicated it was our turn and low and behold&seat assignments and we were in the front seats of the bus. I suggest if you do travel in Africa, get a "prepay sim card" for your phone or buy a "prepay" phone.I had just finished the SGN, it was about 9pm, it was time to go off to meet Monica, Lorraine and Shamane. Well they had been partying since the afternoon and not so sure they could drive.

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