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Bob nearly jumped out of his dress and I saw him make ready to bolt for the bedroom to hide. Her long brunette hair was piled into a neat, businesslike bun on top of her head which, like the rest of her outfit, made it clear she was on a serious mission.She wore a grey skirt that hugged her slim figure and a white blouse buttoned loosely around her torso.She looked him up and down, shaking her head in disgust.For the life of me”I cant fathom why Heather puts up with a sniveling sissy like you who likes to play with his penis. A grown man wearing diapers and plastic panties like a baby. You look like you belong in a nursery sucking your thumb and playing with dollies!We have some business to take care of, she asked me as she crossed her arms over her ample chest.It must have been twice as devastating for Bob to be seen like this by a hot woman he could never hope to get in the outside world--she was way out of his league.All I told Bob was that she would be coming over and as his punishment, I wanted him to wear one of his sissy baby outfits.He was at first, very resistant but I sensed a part of him was also turned on at the prospect of being humiliated in front of another woman. Bob was sitting there, wearing a pink and white gingham baby dress, lacey anklets and mary janes, a thick diaper and frilly nursery print plastic panties.

Reluctantly, he slowly stood up although he still fell short of her towering presence.No doubt the fantasy image he had kept in his mind of parading around in front of other women was beginning to fall apart as he struggled to cope with depth of humiliation he was feeling now.Certainly Barb had no more empathy for his fetish than I did and her stare was making Bob wilt.Thank you so much for coming over, I said as I hugged her and invited her in.

She smiled briefly but warmly at me and then her gaze fell on Bob severely.

Dropping her bag on the floor, she stepped over to look down at the pathetic form of my husband, cringing like a sorry little girl in his pink baby dress and diapers.