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Forsyth, 25, (son of John Forsyth, Publisher of the influential Mobile Register) held a commission as 2LT in the Cadets; Hotze, the Swiss polymath, was an assistant editor at the paper.As Mobile’s Militias represented the largest faction of volunteers in the new regiment, “honor” dictated they be lead by one of their own, i.e. All this came at the expense of a more deserving candidate: Tennent Lomax, of Montgomery.Lomax, while no West Pointer (like Withers), was a veteran of the Mexican War, former Captain of the Montgomery True Blues, and in January 1861 picked by Gov.

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Technically, any officer or man was eligible, but to capture this vote one needed a following.

But in the raising and outfitting of an army, supplies were short, and the mills at Columbus, Georgia, had failed to send the material on time. Captains and lieutenants were “officers of the line,” in command of the various companies; divided between two battalions: First and Second.