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Perhaps nature's most unpleasant animal is the ram. They spit, they are rude, and they ram into you, and this was just a baby.I'm sorry, but this thing is hardly a joy to be around. Adults have fully developed horns that pack a punch, and they are relentless when they charge you. Speaking of charging, electricity is not a very intimidating concept by itself.So for that reason, the baby horse does get some credit. The buffalo is the Ja Marcus Russell of the animal kingdom—great physical attributes, horrible staying power.

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It is one of the few forces humans cannot control in their bodies.If they killed baby seals and ripped holes in boats, then they would be significantly higher on this list. When I think of the word "packer", I think of packaging. This is hardly intimidating because for one, the trucks are brown (see slide 1), and two, the delivery people are always way too nice.But the Dolphins just lack the intimidation factor. The thing that 49ers have going for them is the pick-axe. For wonderful logistics, the Packers get put at No. But the World Champs still own one of the least intimidating nicknames in football.So to add some fun, I decided to rank all 32 NFL teams based on how intimidating their nickname is. Saints fans will be disappointed, while Jets fans are flying high.

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