My 16 year old is dating a 20 year old

Dec 2011 During my high-school teen's two-week winter break, her boyfriend, who has been in Europe for over a year, will be in the Bay Area. Don't mean to throw a monkey wrench in..another perspective to think about.I know my daughter has been sexually active, and I am not naive about what is likely to happen when they get together. '' Not in my house'' will not keep them from having sex... mom of teen boys n girls I have been in your situation, so I sympathize.statements, including a couple of references to sleepovers, showering together, and making love. When did they ever have the time and space to do this?!!There was also a remembrance about an embarrassing trip to the grocery store to buy condoms - the clerk was a kid they knew. There were absolutely no references to alcohol or drugs; this never been an issue anyway.I wwant to know it's not inappropriate for my other kids. If I still have to treat him like he's 12 in some ways, it's too much to treat him like a ''man'' in others.So it's my house, I know it happens sometimes, but they have the grace to not make it obvious, and I can live with that. My 17yo son, a senior, has been in a relationship with his almost-15yo girlfriend, a freshman, since last spring. The GF's mom and I (we are both single parents) do communicate and have agreed on rules and curfews.

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Well, that does beg the question: where DO you want them to have sex? I'd look to that goal more than the goal of trying to police her behavior when you're not there.

However, I do not want them to have sex in our house. You don't say how old your daughter is (not that that matters if you don't want her having sex in the house). You KNOW that she is sexually active, and you know they will find a place to have, why not your house? But I do think you're asking for something you can't get.

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    My only concern would be whether he could potentially have legal issues with the age difference between him and his girlfriend, especially when he turns 18. I'm sure you can research this online. I don't consider their age gap to be of concern otherwise. If it turns out California laws prohibit sex between 18 and 16 year olds.…
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    Jun 1, 2017. When me and my friends were teens, we mostly met potential dates, boyfriends, and girlfriends at school or through friends and family, which wasn't exactly the fastest or most reliable process. We didn't have all the online options that teens today have. Now, in addition to Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter.…
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    Petition the court for removal of the requirement to register for 20 years after the completion of his or her sentence, or if adjudication was withheld, 10 years after being released from all sanctions.6 Florida's “Romeo and. Juliet” law does not make it legal for an 18 year-old to have a sexual relationship with a 15 year-old;.…