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Suddenly, I felt a body pressing up against mine and two arms reaching around in front of me. ” I exclaimed.“You said, “Let’s have fun,” Jen replied.“That note was for Jan,” I said.“Oh my gosh! I chuckled.“But that’s okay,” I replied, “It’s all good.”I reached out and took her wrists into my grasp and lowered her hands to my manly parts.“You started something,” I said, “You might as well finish it.”I was now rock hard.Wayward fingers worked their way down to my genitals. Jen dropped to her knees and cupped my testicles in her hand, lightly squeezing them.Suddenly, I realized the hands didn't’t belong to Jan. She slipped my cock into open mouth, as the water spray bounced off her shoulders and trickled down our bodies.After quite a few minutes of sucking and playful teasing, I pulled Jen up and into a standing position and we kissed.

Jan and I had a very good relationship and we enjoyed out sexual playtimes very much like we enjoyed everything in our life.

Jenny stripped out of her thong, baring everything she had in front of me.