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Essentially if you use the internet to get your news in the regular way, visiting different websites in turn, you’re not time efficient.Pages take a while to load, you have to browse around for the sections you want to read.The roots of the technology can be traced back to 1995, but it first entered the public consciousness in March 1999 as part of My. RSS feeds use a standardized XML-formatted plain text output.A typical feed will offer the latest content from a given site and will include a headline, article description, date, link, image, tag, and more. Most websites offer a clickable RSS link that will give you the feed’s web address. Firstly, you need to grab the RSS links from any sites you want to include in your superfeed. In my example, I’m going to use the following three RSS links to demonstrate the process: Next, log into your Zapier account.Code an installation instructions can be found on Github here.Another popular option with a bit more detailed installation instructions is Tiny Tiny RSS. Whichever reader you choose, self-hosted or not, you should be able to import the OPML files generated by Search Tempest’s RSS Feeds Tool. Edit: It sounds like a number of people have been having trouble lately with self-hosted RSS as well.When website content is updated, the RSS feed is also updated and you see the new stories in your RSS reader, normally in bold. You might create a list of RSS feeds with the latest news about EU politics – from The Economist (RSS for ‘European Union’ subject), the FT (by sector or by region), EUObserver (feed logo top-right of their site) and euro|topics (RSS in the right sidebar).Have a look at the screenshot above to see how it can look. You might then add some sector specific feeds – the industry publications for the issues you work on for example.

Copy and paste the address into your news aggregator of choice, and you’ll get a constant live feed of the latest content. On the following screen, use the search box to find the RSS by Zapier app.A long-term solution, although with a bit more effort, would be to host your own RSS server.If you like News Blur, you can actually self-host it on your own server (or home computer), which will not only avoid getting caught up in these kinds of blocks, it will also save you the annual subscription fee.They made some changes to reduce their traffic, and things started working again… As far as I know there’s no official word from craigslist, but it seems likely that Feedly has simply grown to the point where they’re hitting the block again.

Unfortunately this means that at the moment RSS feeds from craigslist (like the ones from our RSS Feeds Tool) are not updating on Feedly.

This thread at The Old Reader might shed some light.

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