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and the percentage of those swipes to actually meeting in person is really disproportionate," says Julie Spira, founder of Cyber Dating Spira says she believes that 2017 will see more of a push for people to meet in real life.This means a lot of first dates, and not many second dates, as noted by Jess Mc Cann, author of "You Lost Him at Hello: From Dating to 'I Do' -- Secrets from One of America's Top Dating Coaches." Mc Cann has seen an increase in ghosting, or cutting off communication and suddenly disappearing, among her clients' dates, citing it as a major reason some are losing faith in online dating.• More first dates means men are less likely to pick up the check."When human beings are offered many choices, they're actually less likely to make a decision or selection," Jacoby says.

But she warns that selecting someone based on résumé qualities isn't a guaranteed match. "People are burned out because they're spending so much time on their mobile phones and they're swiping ..."Right now it's sort of just shooting in the dark," Mc Cann says.Newer apps recognize that people are looking for something to tell them whether they have a chance with someone before they invest time and effort, so online dating is trending toward niche apps.With the first week in January being the busiest time for online dating, we asked three experts to explain how these trends will translate into the dating culture of 2017.

Newspaper articles online dating stats comments

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