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The most current version of CAM is provided, by chapter, in electronic format below.User comments/suggestions are welcome; refer to Section 0-007 of the CAM for details.Most tenants will object to operational and management fees because the landlord is already making income off the rent being charged even without CAM fees.If your CAM fee includes salaries for management or administrative staff (on- or off-site), liability insurance costs (you will have to pay for your own liability insurance – the landlord will require this before you can move in), advertising and other promotional activities, professional services such as legal or accounting services, try to negotiate these out of your lease.

One CNC is a CAD/CAM software productive right out of the box and there is plenty of evidence to prove it..Business is business, and this should not be seen as a distrust of a landlord or something personal, but paying unknown fees simply in good faith is not good business.Requiring a statement in the least that the landlord has to provide documentation (accountability) for all fees charged is the only way to ensure you are being charged fairly.In a cautionary statement about the difficulty of breaking into the commercial real estate industry, reporter, Laura De Mars, clearly indicates that even real estate professionals may have a hard time understanding the complexities of CAM fees; “The complexity of the industry makes it tough to break into…” De Mars further states: “At shopping centers, for instance, tenants usually pay for the upkeep of the building through a common-area maintenance (CAM) fee.

While a CFO of a property-management firm doesn't directly manage the tenants, he still needs to understand how those fees are collected …

If your lease requires you to pay CAM fees for any operational or management costs – immediately object to such costs.