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They tried very hard to marginalize American citizens of the Jewish faith by questioning their loyalty.These guys don’t even understand what ancient terror they’re tapping into.Walt is a different case: A tenured professor of international relations at Harvard, his reputation extended no further than academic circles until ’s managing editor, Blake Hounshell, says of Walt’s work for the site. It’s a regular foreign-policy blog.” While it is true that Walt covers a wide range of international subjects in his blog, nothing provokes the same amount of reader feedback as his posts about Israel.Last week, a post on the Russian spy scandal received 14 comments; another post during the same period, enumerating what Walt considers the “five big questions about contemporary world politics,” fared a bit better, garnering 53 responses.

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“As with other sites on the Internet, we certainly don’t feel as though we’ve found a good solution yet to dealing with offensive speech—or, though undoubtedly less importantly, for the annoying spammers who are for some reason insistent on selling our readers ‘Tiffany’ watches, jeans and shoes,” says Susan Glasser, editor-in-chief of . In addition to creating the impression of a wave of popular hatred directed against the Jewish state—an impression belied by polls that show nearly two-thirds of Americans support Israel—the commenters attempt to swamp the news with paranoid anti-Semitic rantings that are entirely detached from even the BBC’s version of reality.“I suppose that to the managers of , traffic is traffic,” Goldberg says.“But in the course of building that traffic they’re surfacing some fairly dreadful invective about Jews.That comment, along with several dozen others, disappeared from yesterday, removed by site administrators after I emailed ’s Glasser for comment.

“Walt often provokes heated debate with his blog posts, and we are attentive to making sure that offensive comments are taken down,” she later explained in an email.” Many of Shingo’s similar comments remain live, however.

Another typical comment, by a reader named Cal, also disappeared after I contacted .

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