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Even remote, sheep-herding communities with little chance of coming across foreign money were not spared the bill.The Roman agents were happy to receive local coin or in-kind payments wherever Rome-minted silver was scarce.Among these classes may be counted the so-called "Widow's Mites" and the easily available Constantinian bronzes that form the bulk of what we sell right here on DOC.Another class of coins draws attention for being controversial.Astronomer and professor Nicole Gugliucci took to Twitter to explain that one of her friends has come up with the word 'hepeating'.Gugliucci defined it as 'when a woman suggests an idea and it's ignored, but then a guy says same thing and everyone loves it'.

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The term extended the definition to include representations of animals lest admiration for the skill of the artist become dangerously similar to the adulation due the Lord God.But this was a self-imposed restriction that applied only to the industry of the observant Jew; dealing with the rest of the world happened on another, altogether much more pragmatic plane.Jesus, as all other Jews, was perfectly capable of dealing with the dichotomy.As written in the King James version, Matthew -21 reads: Tell us therefore, What thinkest thou? But Jesus perceived their wickedness, and said, Why tempt ye me, ye hypocrites? Right away those with even passing familiarity with the coinage of Jesus's time will point out that the penny must be an anachronism since that invention was yet several centuries into the future. The KJV translators were deliberately remaking the ancient language of the bible into a tongue familiar to a largely illiterate audience.

The more correct translation of the Greek δηνάριον (denarion) or the Latin Vulgate's would have yielded an incomprehensible technicism not in keeping with the mission.

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