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“We are taking the time to assess the concerns expressed in the letter to the editor,” she said.Syracuse University senior Elaina Crockett suggested the university poll students on whether to keep the feature or come up with some kiss cam rules, including moving on quickly if someone obviously doesn’t want to play along.Crockett, who writes a column about gender and sexuality for The Daily Orange student newspaper, said that otherwise it’s counter to today’s emphasis on affirmative consent that stresses communication and respect for boundaries as a way to reduce campus sexual assaults.“Just because I’m sitting somewhere doesn’t mean that I’m entitled to kiss this stranger.

What people don't realize is that it's hard to find good sex online if you're a woman, and hard to find sex at all if you're a man.Clicking the button switches its label to 'Awaiting Bang' but will not notify them of your interest.Unless, that is, they are also users of the app and have also clicked the button beneath your face too.A regular feature at sports venues, the kiss cam frames unsuspecting couples in a heart on the Jumbotron while the game crowd cheers for them to kiss.

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