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Their company, Undercover Colors, was named the 2016 Startup to Watch by the North Carolina Technology Association.Undercover Colors is wearable tech — a pro, in theory.

Some of us here at Living Sober are still locked in a place of boozy misery, some of us are right now battling our way out of it, and some of us have gotten free. Living Sober is a place where you can comfortably share about your inner angst regarding booze. Living Sober is a place of warmth, wisdom, support, encouragement and understanding.A user dips a polished fingernail into a drink and the color of the polish will change if date rape drugs are present.But according to the Alliance for Natural Health, the product is problematic because the detection chemical comes into contact with a person’s skin and food, and they say FDA is holding up this and other products like it.Sinead: I have been sober for over 5 years Mrs D: Tell us about your relationship with alcohol…

In every college town in America, and really anywhere there’s a bar, such as a club or party, encountering date rape drugs in any drink is a possibility.

The coasters can be stored in a wallet or purse, and do not interact directly with a drink, which means the product did not require U. Drink Safe coasters do not detect for Rohypnol or roofies, which is a con for some, though Lance Norris of Drink Safe told NOVA in 2014 that roofies can turn a drink blue and are slow to dissolve.