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On the jācapps side of the building, everyone will tell you their biggest stress points revolve around deadlines.Everyone wants their app next week – or if they’re lucky, next month.In “Design Show-And-Tell: the NPR News App Gets a Facelift,” senior visual product designer, Libby Bawcombe, provides a step-by-step tour of the machinations they’re going through to rework their home screen design.I have an appreciation for this as a founder of our own mobile app company, jācapps.In short, they know what users want and expect from their app before moving onto the challenge of making it better.The team then theorizes designs, and conducts experiments to test those ideas.NPR has also been on the forefront of mobile apps – in i Phones, then i Pads, and of course, in dashboards.And they’ve learned that creating a great experience for their fans isn’t a walk in the park.

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Sirius XM was the company we examined because they have most definitely stepped up their game, from Alexa skills to a new platform in cars. The article by the design team details the steps they’re taking to build a great app, starting right at the front – the home screen design.If you can’t install or update an app, or if it’s stuck waiting, learn what to do. If you’re still having trouble, contact Apple Support.You might be directed to the app developer as the best resource for help.These three versions of the home screen are great examples: The version on the left (Fig. They’ve discovered it clearly communicates the top story, as well as creates “breathing room” between stories.