Ns town dating from 1750 s

It was the focal point of the four Minas Basin townships which received the bulk of the New Englanders. Its resource base - dyke, upland, forest, and fish - was essentially the same as that of the other townships.

__________________________________________ In NS where I am, you might want to check out the following: GOVT OF NS (VITAL STATISTICS) - - births, marriages, deaths, etc.If you notice any bugs, display issues, or data issues - or just want to say hi - you're in the right place! To those posting here: The name GAVEL is not very common in Canada or the USA. By the way, in the western provinces there are also GABEL and other spellings.In Canada's phone books, there are only 182 of them altogether. New Brunswick, next to Nova Scotia, has 7 GAVEL surnames. Looking at the USA (with almost 9 TIMES the population of Canada), it is curious that there are only 188 GAVEL phone listings (only 6 more than in Canada).

The interesting thing is that 97 of those (almost 55%) are in NOVA SCOTIA on Canada's Atlantic coast. Of these, almost 60% are found in 6 states: Mass 26, Florida 18, Pennsylvania and California 17 each, New York and Ohio, each with 14.

To explain how Horton's development unfolded, this thesis follows the lives of 89 men and their families who came to Horton as proprietors and after surviving the first years of hardship became the core of a permanent society.