Oab files not updating

You can test this by browsing to the OAB using the Exchange Offline Address Book Url: The reason it can not be reached might be because it is a new installation. If you can reach the Management Console, go to the Offline Addressbooks and click on Update.Updating the OAB is also possible through the Power Shell console …I have also enabled the OAL Generator diagnostic logging.I rebuilt the Default Offline Address List and downloaded the updated address book in outlook however there are still no updates.I checked the event viewer but there are not errors reported from the OAL generator, in fact according to the events it had rebuilt it successfully. In your Exchange Organization, there may have been a time when new users don’t show up in the Offline Address Book (OAB/GAL) immediately and you are required to ensure that it is fully populated without waiting the default time periods in Exchange.The problem is that although we are updating the groups when we go to send from Outlook 2007 the groups are still the same as when they were first created and have not been updated with new users.

These will be loaded when the OAB is not available. Open the Explorer on the Exchange server Browse to Microsoft\Exchange Server\V14\Client Access\OABThis folder was empty?When clients download the updated OAB, the new users will show up.Knowing why the delay occurs means you won’t spend time troubleshooting it. At the moment we have an issue with the Global Address List.