On line dating in canada

Numerous studies suggest Canadians are pretty much the world's most active users of social networking, so it should probably come as no surprise that Canada is also a hotbed for online dating. And Canada is also home to one of the world's busiest dating sites and one of the web's most unlikely success stories.According to com Score, a web measurement company, Canadians spend more days a month and minutes a day on online dating sites than users in the U. When Lady Gaga recently unveiled her big-budget video for "Telephone," fans couldn't help but notice the blatant product placements strewn throughout, from some of the world's most familiar brands. Not bad for a homemade website that started as an experiment in learning a computer programming language in 2003.

"My users spend $30 million a month on other dating sites, so there's a lot of money I could get from that.and you think about (tens of) millions of people seeing it, let alone people talking about it and being integrated into press, it's been phenomenal." Frind says he's not too worried about his competition, and is concerned more with social networks stealing the attention of his users."Before Facebook came along people spent x numbers of hours on the Web and it was shared between a number of sites. Romance scams are now Canada's most common crime & can leave financial, emotional, & physical devastation in their wake.

Whether you meet someone via online dating or in-person, there are steps you can take to help protect yourself, your loved-ones, and your finances & assets.

Now Facebook has come in and sucked out an hour or two, and instead of spending 16 minutes on my site they're only spending 15 minutes now, on average.