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One Army manual shared by Anticom members offers step-by-step plans for creating fire bombs by adding chemicals to gasoline or other readily available fuels. There are instructions on using military-type assault rifles and M249 machine guns, as well as hand-to-hand fighting techniques.The chat logs also describe plans for engaging in violence at political events during the past year.It is unclear how seriously the documents shared in the chats were explored by any of Anticom’s members or followers, much less whether the documents were actually used to craft incendiary devices.

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According to the spokesperson, Discord had not been in contact with any authorities, but would cooperate in any investigation should one be undertaken.Some of the bomb documents are highly technical, likely to be of little use to anyone but a skilled chemist or engineer.Other documents are old, like a 1984 book showing how to build hand grenades. Berger, a fellow with the International Centre for Counter-Terrorism in the Netherlands, said social media companies like Discord tend to downplay the dangers posed by racial extremists using their networks and are often slow to curb their activities.The online discussions include plenty of profanity-laden racist and anti-Semitic banter by people with usernames like “Augusto Pinochet,” “deplorablepatriot,” and “Haupstürmfuhrer Pepe.” More worrisome, though, are the incitements towards violence.

On April 26, one Anticom member posed a question to the rest of the group: “Anyone want access to my pdf library? “137 pdfs of how to manufacture explosives.” Saved in the PDF format, the cache of documents includes recipes for making potent bombs from ammonium nitrate, scientific papers on the chemical composition of different explosive agents, an Army manual on deploying anti-personnel mines, and a guide to using radio frequencies to detonate explosives, a tactic frequently used by insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In May, federal agents searching the Tampa home of 21-year-old Brandon Russell discovered an array of explosives and bomb ingredients: fuses made from rifle shells, a white cake-like explosive substance called HMTD, more than one pound of ammonium nitrate and other explosive precursors, and two different kinds of radioactive material.

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