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Now I realize they were never latent; they just had not affected me personally or anyone I loved.Prior to that, I would not say I was unaware of racism.The year after the settlement, Caltagirone, a legislator since 1977, won reelection to his 21st two-year term; he was unopposed in the primary and the general election.It was not clear whether Caltagirone, who faced a separate and widely publicized sexual harassment complaint in the mid-1990s, was disciplined or reprimanded after the 2015 payout.She took steps with Pittsburgh Public Schools to improve her son’s safety and worked with city detectives to take action against Lloyd. We did not breathe a sigh of relief when federal marshals took him to jail.Despite a minor’s picture being used, the post could not be removed. There was a sense of justice, for a moment, but everyone targeted by his hate is also aware that there are followers, members of his ‘church’ who remain active on his website while he is jailed. District Court Judge Arthur Schwab sentenced Lloyd to 13 months in federal prison.In a statement Tuesday, Dermody said he could not discuss a case where the parties involved agreed to keep the terms confidential: “I don’t like it, and I wish I could disclose more of the specifics, but I have to follow the law.” The document obtained by the newspapers is the first indication that Pennsylvania’s legislature has dipped into public funds multiple times to settle such claims — a practice that has received renewed scrutiny in recent weeks as a wave of sexual harassment cases roils statehouses across the country.

What follows is my story, and the stories of three other local white women who found themselves in the scope of Lloyd’s hate.I began speaking up about race when my black twins (a boy and girl) were nine months old.When Michael Brown was shot in Ferguson, Missouri, it felt to me as if the country was erupting in latent racial tensions.HARRISBURG — Pennsylvania House Democrats spent nearly a quarter-million dollars in taxpayer money to secretly settle a sexual harassment complaint against a 40-year lawmaker, according to a document obtained by the Inquirer and Daily News and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.