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S.2874 - A bill to amend the Act of March 16, 1934, as amended, to credit entrance fees for the migratory-bird hunting and conservation stamp contest to the account which pays for the administration of the contest. R.3881 - A bill to direct the Secretary of Agriculture to release on behalf of the United States a reversionary interest in certain lands conveyed to the Arkansas Forestry Commission, and to direct the Secretary of the Interior to convey certain mineral interests of the United SH. Res.207 - A joint resolution to require the Secretary of the Interior to place a plaque at the United States Marine Corps War Memorial honoring Joseph Rosenthal, photographer of the scene depicted by the Memorial. R.6168 - An act to amend title 18, United States Code, to provide a criminal penalty for threats against former Presidents, major Presidential candidates, and certain other persons protected by the Secret Service, and for other purposes. R.5154 - A bill to amend the Lanham Trademark Act to prohibit any State from requiring that a registered trademark be altered for use within such State, and to encourage private enterprise with special emphasis on the preservation of small business.S.1409 - A bill to authorize the Secretary of the Interior to construct, operate, and maintain modifications of the existing Buffalo Bill Dam and Reservoir, Shoshone project, Pick-Sloan Missouri Basin program, Wyoming, and for other purposes. R.5081 - A bill to declare that the United States holds certain lands in trust for the Washoe Tribe of Nevada and California and to transfer certain other lands to the administration of the United States Forest Service. Res.486 - A joint resolution authorizing and requesting the President to issue a proclamation designating the period from October 3, 1982, through October 9, 1982, as "National Schoolbus Safety Week of 1982". R.7065 - A bill to amend the Community Services Block Grant Act to clarify the authority of the Secretary of Health and Human Services to designate community action agencies for certain community action programs administered by the Secretary for fiscal year 1982, and for other p H.We have NO paid operators, just sexy, real Latinas from your local area. Good news amigas – female callers never pay to talk. All you need is a phone, and the need to have some fun! Experience new exciting connections in the comfort of your home. Browse others’ greetings and start a local chat with like-minded singles in your area. Our chatline focuses on delivering top quality experience by making sure that all of our callers are real.Whether you want to meet a new date, find a new chat friend, or you are looking to totally hook up, this is the place for you! It’s live, hassle free, totally anonymous and it doesn’t cost a thing. We offer first-time male callers a free trial which gives access to amazing ladies and exciting chatline features to connect with local singles for dating and fun. We make sure that your calls and information are confidential and secure. Our free chat line provide callers with a playing field where everything is possible. Try our chat line fling experience for free now and flirt on the phone with local singles nearby.Even though phone chat is a legitimate industry that generates hundreds of millions of dollars every year, it hasn’t been well represented until now.Phone sex and chatline websites look old and are known for being vulgar, spammy and even dangerous in some cases.S.2386 - An act to require the Director of the Office of Management and Budget to prepare an annual report consolidating the available data on the geographic distribution of Federal funds, and for other purposes. R.5941 - An act to designate the building known as the Federal Building and United States Courthouse in Greenville, South Carolina, as the "Clement F.Haynsworth, Jr., Federal Building", the building known as the Quincy Post Office in Quincy, Massachusetts, as the "James A. R.2035 - An act to authorize certain employees of the United States Department of Agriculture charged with the enforcement of animal quarantine laws to carry firearms for self-protection and to improve the quality of table grapes for marketing in the United States. R.4468 - A bill to amend chapter 84, section 1752 of title 18, United States Code, to authorize the Secretary of the Treasury to establish zones of protection for certain persons protected by the United States Secret Service.

R.4688 - An act to amend the Military Personnel and Civilian Employees' Claims Act of 1964 to increase from $15,000 to $25,000 the maximum amount that the United States may pay in settlement of a claim under Section 3 of that Act. R.5566 - A bill authorizing appropriations to the Secretary of the Interior for services necessary to the nonperforming arts functions of the John F. Res.121 - A joint resolution to provide for the designation of the year 1982 as the "Bicentennial Year of the American Bald Eagle" and the designation of June 20, 1982, as "National Bald Eagle Day". R.3799 - An act to extend the Federal tort claims provisions of title 28, United States Code, to acts or omissions of members of the National Guard, and to provide that the remedy under those provisions shall be exclusive in medical malpractice actions involving members of the NS.1948 - A bill to permit to become effective certain Farm Credit Administration regulations which expand the authority of financing institutions, other than Farm Credit System institutions, to borrow from and discount with Federal intermediate credit banks. R.4879 - An act to clarify the treatment of international banking facility deposits for purposes of deposit insurance assessments and to remove certain limitations on the mortgage loan purchase authority of the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation and the Federal National Mort S.1003 - An act to amend title III of the Marine Protection, Research, and Sanctuaries Act of 1972, as amended, to authorize appropriations for such title for fiscal years 19, and for other purposes. R.4910 - A bill to amend the District of Columbia Self-Government and Governmental Reorganization Act and the charter of the District of Columbia with respect to the provisions allowing the District of Columbia to issue general obligation bonds and notes and revenue bonds, notes S.1133 - An original bill to amend the National Advisory Committee on Oceans and Atmosphere Act of 1977 to authorize appropriations to carry out the provisions of such Act for fiscal year 1982, and for other purposes. Res.141 - A joint resolution authorizing and requesting the President to issue a proclamation designating the period from October 4, 1981, through October 10, 1981, as "National Schoolbus Safety Week".S.2254 - A bill to temporarily extend the authority to conduct experiments in flexible schedules and compressed schedules under the Federal Employees Flexible and Compressed Work Schedules Act of 1978. S.1191 - An act to extend for three additional years the provisions of the Fishermen's Protective Act of 1967 relating to the reimbursement of United States commercial fishermen for certain losses incurred incident to the seizure of their vessels by foreign nations; and for othe H. S.1395 - A bill to extend the time for conducting the referendum with respect to the national marketing quota for wheat for the marketing year beginning June 1, 1982, and to eliminate the requirement that the Secretary of Agriculture waive interest on loans made on 19S.1124 - An original bill to authorize the Sergeant at Arms and Doorkeeper of the Senate subject to the approval of the Committee on Rules and Administration, to enter into contracts which provide for the making of advance payments for computer programming services. R.3991 - A bill to amend the Food Stamp Act of 1977 to increase the authorization for appropriations for fiscal year 1981, and to amend Public Law 93-233 to continue, through August 1, 1981, the cash-out of food stamp program benefits of certain recipients of Supplemental Securi H.R.4612 - A bill to temporarily delay the October 1, 1981, increase in the price support level for milk and to extend the time for conducting the referendum with respect to the national marketing quota for wheat for the marketing year beginning June 1, 1982. R.4048 - A bill granting the consent of Congress to the agreement between the States of Kansas and Missouri establishing their mutual boundary in the vicinity of the French Bottoms near St. R.2156 - A bill to amend title 38, United States Code, to extend by twelve months the period during which funds appropriated for grants by the Veterans' Administration for the establishment and support of new State medical schools may be expended.S.907 - An act to amend sections 3 of title 18 of the United States Code to provide penalties for crimes against Cabinet officers, Supreme Court Justices, and Presidential staff members, and for other purposes. R.4347 - A bill to authorize the Secretary of the Interior to proceed with development of the WEB Pipeline, to provide for the study of South Dakota water projects to be developed in lieu of the Oahe and Pollock-Herreid irrigation projects, and to make available Missouri Basin p S.1193 - An original bill to authorize appropriations for fiscal years 19 for the Department of State, the International Communications Agency, and the Board for International Broadcasting, and for other purposes.