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They might display fake profile pictures, get a separate phone line and even create a complete online profile with “fake” friends to cover their tracks.Often, there is a reason why people choose to create these fake profiles.The latest version of this scam are people posing as your relatives on Facebook telling you that they know a wealthy person that needs cash because to move because they don’t currently have access to their money.These are the worst types of the catfish scams and always involved a request for personal information or to send money.

Online relationships reduce their loneliness, so they continue to build upon fake profiles and meet new people becoming more involved (often romantically).After a specified time, they start asking for money for things like internet (because it’s supposedly expensive in their country) plane tickets, travels expenses, etc.Another example is where the scammer will contact you, start developing feelings quickly and then disappear.The story has evolved from needing money to get the prince out of jail and then the personal information to wire money.