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It works, but it won't tell you if the value changed, only that the column is being updated (even if the update doesn't change the value).

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You can disable an enabled trigger, and enable a disabled trigger.If the procedure is expected to mostly insert new records and rarely update existing ones, then use the following pattern (assuming there are unique constraints on the database to prevent duplicate employees being created): This code relies of the database to tell you the record already exists based on the integrity constraints on the table, which is much more efficient and less error prone that attempting to do it yourself.If the more likely case is that existing records will be updated, the code below is better: begin update employees set ....You might be unaware that a trigger is executing unless it causes an error that is not handled properly. A trigger defined on a schema fires for each event associated with the owner of the schema (the current user).

A trigger defined on a database fires for each event associated with all users.

For other uses of triggers, see table (created in "Creating Tables").

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    A BEFORE trigger can change NEW field values before a triggering INSERT or UPDATE statement puts them in the table. If a statement triggers both a BEFORE trigger and an AFTER trigger, and the BEFORE trigger changes a NEW field value, then the AFTER trigger "sees" that change. Example 9-2 creates a log table and.…
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    Can I say inside a trigger "if updating column_name". For example, Oracle Forms does this by default. SQL SQL create or replace trigger test_trigger 2 after update of x,y on test 3 for each row 4 begin 5 if updating 'X' then 6 dbms_output.put_line 'X is being updated' ; 7 end if; 8 9 if updating 'Y' then 10.…
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    Jun 25, 2017. 1.2 Then we will create a before update tigger on column JOB_EXPERIENCE and LAST_APPLIED_DATE of job_openings table. is greater than 2 years or not IF years_since_last_applied = 2 THEN RAISE_APPLICATION_ERROR-20000,'Previous application attempt must not be done in last 2 years.…
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    Definition In Oracle PL/SQL, the INSERTING keyword is used in conjunction with the TRIGGER statement, as shown below. Example Usage DECLARE vMsg VARCHAR230 = 'Statement Level Trigger Fired'; BEGIN · IF INSERTING THEN dbms_output.put_linevMsg ' When Inserting'; ELSIF UPDATING THEN…
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