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The book is fairly short and skims over many events in the game, covering only four dungeons out of eight, the freeing of Nayru, and the final battle against Veran.The skipped dungeons are mentioned, but not described in great detail.When the value of retention days is not set at the Report Book level, the value set at the Report Request level is used.button for all reports you want to run when this book is requested.If you run all report requests in a report book that contains secured report requests, only those requests to which you have access are run.If you run reports that you do not have access to, those processes are not success and an error message appears in the error log.If a transaction has not been reconciled or has not been posted to the general ledger, then this information appears in the Reconciliation Data group box on the Book to Bank Reconciliation Details page, categorized by type.

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Although it is based on a canon game, the book is generally regarded as non-canon.

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