Outlook calendar tracking not updating

If you've already clicked the Accept button in Outlook 2016, you won't be able to re-accept the invitation in Outlook on the web.The person who sent you the invitation will need to remove your permissions and then send a new invitation.To edit a shared calendar, go online to your own calendar, open Calendar for Windows 10, or use a mobile device. Last updated: May 2, 2017 ISSUE When you try to accept a shared calendar using your Office 365 for business account in Outlook 2016, you might receive the "Something went wrong" error or your sign-in might fail.STATUS: WORKAROUND To access the calendar shared with your Office 365 for business account, you’ll need to accept the invitation from Outlook on the web .For calendar issues that cannot be easily reproduced, you will need to gather and provide a lot of data for the Microsoft support engineer to effectively troubleshoot the issue.This is primarily due to the complexity of the Calendar feature set in Office Outlook and Exchange Server, and the varied scenarios and products that touch the data on a calendar.This article describes the processes and data that are needed when you work with a Microsoft support engineer to identify and resolve calendar problems for unknown or undocumented causes.

We're working to make it possible to edit shared calendars in Outlook 2016 for Windows.However, any edits you make will only be local edits—other people who share the calendar will not see your edits.On occasion, it could happen that message tracking is not working correctly and responses are not automatically recorded in Outlook.We're working on fixing this so that you can edit a shared calendar immediately after accepting the invitation.

If a tenant doesn't use Office 365 EOP filtering (the MX record points to a non-Office 365 endpoint), instant syncing will not occur.

If you've been granted permissions to edit a calendar, you won't be able to edit or add items immediately after accepting.