Outlook shared folders not updating

When a user navigates to the shared mailbox and clicks Send/Receive All Folders or Update Folder, it will not update. All other users in the environment do not have issues with shared mailboxes.After doing some research, it appears to be an issue with Microsoft Outlook when dealing with shared mailboxes over 2GB in size.You can also use the shared mailbox as a shared team calendar.Tip: Before you can use a shared mailbox, the Office 365 admin for your organization has to create it and add you as a member.The shared mailbox should automatically display in your Folder pane in Outlook. After your admin has added you as a member of shared mailbox, close and then restart Outlook.The shared contact list associated with the shared mailbox is automatically added to your My Contacts list.

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Use Cached Exchange Mode to work with items in your Microsoft Exchange Server mailbox even when your network connection is slow or unavailable.This shared mailbox having the issue was indeed over 2GB in size.There are numerous forum threads on the Internet with people experiencing this Outlook issue: This issue only occurs when shared mailboxes are being cached locally.You cannot use Cached Exchange Mode with a POP or IMAP account.