Overly accommodating meaning

Saying no, taking time out for yourself and drawing the line when necessary, are all vital to healthy relationships.For those people who struggle to say no, here are a few tips to build those muscles:1. When someone asks you to do something tell him or her you have to think about it and will get back to them. Make yourself say no at least one out of every 5 times.

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Over-accommodating happens when a person says yes to almost everything.Take the time to think if this is something you really want to do, can do and should do before you respond. For larger requests such as taking on a new project, watching a friend’s child etc., tell the person you will get back to them in 24 hours. Practice with a close friend, playfully ask your partner to ask you something or tell your parent no when you really don’t want to do something.4. If you are already over-extended, refuse to take a new thing without letting go of something else. It’s a gift to you, your children (so they learn to take care of themselves) and to your partner.Without this built in break you are likely to give your knee jerk response of yes. With close friends and family you can even tell them about the 24 hour rule because you are working on not spreading yourself too thin and saying no. Think of it as an exchange that maintains balance; you can exchange “this’ for “that” but you cannot do both If you struggle with saying no, chances are you don’t want to be mean and often think it’s no big deal to help. When you say no, it is an act of self-care that leaves you with more energy and less fatigue and resentment. CHALLENGE: Begin to play with the idea of no being a gift.The problem with always accommodating the needs of others is you stop taking risks, and begin to live your life like a spineless politician who has to take a poll before any decision.