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In Lunar Days, the playable character, Karina had been having a recurring dream of being alone in the library with a book with a green colored plain cover in her hands; but every time she opened it, the dream would come to an end.As the dream started haunting her, she decided to start visiting the library regularly to look for the book.Each of these characters work as salesmen in stores apart from Larry who works in the popular fast food store Mc Donalds.Later, Marty Stu and Prince Dreamboat run off into the sunset, and Larry Stu is really an alien and goes back to his home planet, Douchebaggery.This game featured an English cover of Hatsune Miku's song "Rolling Girl" that was performed by You Tube singer, Squa Dus.Kingdom Days is set in a kingdom neighboring Wonderland and was released on 5th September 2010.It is about a princess named Rose who is forced to flee her kingdom with her elf servant, Lewis, when it is attacked by a neighboring kingdom.They wander through a forest till they see on a castle and knock on its door and meet a king who will not let them stay unless Rose marries him in 30 days.

It turns out that she can go back to her world only after 30 days, i.e., when the moon's full, just like the previous day.She wakes up to find a man with rabbit characteristics named Oliver and discovers that she ended up in a kingdom called Wonderland.She is unable to leave Wonderland until the end of the month, so she stays in his home for the time being.The main character is Alice, who is sitting beside her best friend Noah.

It was her birthday, so Noah went away to get his gift for her.

The game is pretty unique compared to the others Amy makes, because usually the mission is to get a date.

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