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In 1939, Du Pont invented nylon, revolutionizing the world of fashion and hosiery.Not only was nylon a cheaper material, its elasticity also made for a better fit for women of all shapes and sizes.The typical stocking of the roaring twenties would come up to just above the knee and be secured by a garter.

Politics and Pantyhose By the late 1930's, political tensions between America and Japan were on the rise.Since stockings of this time were made of materials such as silk and wool, they were not elastic or supportive and had to be kept up by garters or made fully-fashioned.Fully-fashioned refers to hosiery that is custom-made and designed to fit the specific wearer.When the pantyhose style was first invented, it was made of nylon, and all nylon hosiery was then referred to as "pantyhose." The term "pantyhose" now, however, refers to the hosiery style as opposed to the material.

Hosiery for the Glamorous fashion accessories, worn by celebrities and models alike.

Such is the case in the film "Daddy Long Legs." This style concept helped spark the invention of pantyhose, a single sheer garment with two legs connected by a gusset and waistband.