Pastor rules for dating daughter

When it comes to the actual experience of dating, it is absolutely necessary that boundaries are defined up front.Any couple that thinks they can go the course of spending a considerable amount of time together, without definite parameters is setting themselves up for failure.I realize that every young girl out there may not have a dad that will be there for her.

It's a basic truth that proximity with the opposite sex, along with openness will yield intimacy.Yet, within this goal is the mutual objective: to get to know each other as a brother and sister in Christ in a way that honors God.While every dating relationship or "courtship" may not end up in marriage, it should result in growing closer to God and building each other up in the Lord.Yet, as parents, we can help our children get back on a God-honoring path when it comes to dating.

For me, this has equated to a life-time pursuit of dialogue with my children in and around God’s greater purpose for our lives.

It could be an older brother, an uncle, pastor or close friend.