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7) “Going to an offending brother to restore him has been and always will be God’s greatest test of genuine love.” (p. The best way to frame it is to humbly point to a similar area of failure in our own lives.5) The goal is not ultimately telling him he was wrong, but restoring him. if the offender chooses not to be reconciled, choose the correct people to go with you to the offender.the church must verify that there is 100 percent unanimity on the issue.If they discover that there is any disagreement whatsoever, this is a full stop. 9) to begin a program of teaching the church God’s standards, such that they will all be of one heart and mind.In the months prior to this, some of the young ladies had sought out the help of other staff members to make the sexual exploitation stop.

“The very idea of restoring a brother assumes that we have steps of action to suggest to him so that he can get from where is is to where he should be.” (p.

Over the past few weeks, we have exposed the fallacy of the following teachings: “Do not participate in the unfruitful deeds of darkness, but instead even expose them.” Ephesians “The sins of some men are quite evident going before them to judgment; for others, their sins follow after.” 1 Timothy –25 The day was Valentine’s Day 1976.