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It’s been over 20 years—21, to be exact—since she uttered the phrase “You’re so cool…,” and Arquette looks a bit older now, but she still radiates that same intriguing blend of spunk and effortless cool.We’re seated in a courtyard on the Lower East Side sipping margaritas (her idea), and the actress is chain-smoking Parliament Lights (sorry, Bloomberg).I thought, “These are all the relationships I’ve done, all the things I’ve gone through, places I’ve gone to and haven’t gone to yet.” I really thought, “This life is short, so grab onto it.” And it was coupled with, “This movie’s finishing?! It’s the best TV script I’ve gotten since Medium, and I think it’s so relevant because we don’t know what the fuck is going on.There’s this cyber world, and we didn’t know that the NSA was tracking our every move.

During moments of my life I’ve been her, and my mom was her.

For cineastes, especially those who endured the mad pangs of adolescence in the halcyon ’90s, the mental image of Patricia Arquette will always be that of a badass Southern belle in a push-up bra with blood-red lipstick, Charlie’s Angels blond bob, and five-dollar shades.

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  • Patricia Arquette and boyfriend Eric White arrive at Independent. profil de paulette60


    Feb 21, 2015. The actress was escorted by her boyfriend as she attended the show where she is nominated for best supporting female.…