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Somebody will suddenly say, "Oh, I love that song," and you can say, "Thank you very much," and have a little chat.[Laughs.] I walked in the other day and somebody said, "My name's Friedman," so we chatted about whether we were cousins or not!Sometimes I revisit songs years later and think, "Oh, my God, they're delicious," and you've got a chance to reinterpret them.Somehow, leaving gaps gives you that space not just to re-create what you've done.Il suo vero nome era Hélène Emilie Bruhl, ma prese il cognome del marito Paul Metzger, morto sui ...Gli articoli sono stati selezionati e posizionati in questa pagina in modo automatico.

Raphael Metzger, legale dell'organizzazione no profit che pretende la multa e l'obbligo di apporre l'etichetta, ha detto ai microfoni della CNN: 'Quello che vogliamo è che le compagnie riducano la ...Also, I'm definitely somebody who likes to move on, I really do.If I've done a role for six months, I like to sort of put it to bed — I've done that.There's no king or queen there or mass murderer, just ordinary people finding a voice.

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