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[6] This means that about 80% of volunteers are willing and able to have sex.Some are more willing, some are less able, but hey, The problem is, where and how? Where can two aspiring lovers make sexy time whilst serving as lowly trainees?

There will be no pictures or names, just teasing insights into my newly found dating life. A little over a month ago I had not been in a relationship since 2009.As cheesy as it sounds, I know he would want me (and everyone else in his life) to be happy.I also selfishly want to experience some of what my friends who are now married, engaged, or who believe they have “found the one” feel. And now, no one can call me a coward, because I put myself out there.When you first get in country, you spend 3 months in training. So if you want to have sex then, you’re probably just looking for a quick hookup since you are surrounded by people you only met a few weeks ago. In your volcanically hot one-room hut that’s the size of a closet and zealously watched 24/7 by your host family? In fact, I suspect that PC takes especial delight in making it extra tough.

In the open-air classroom at the training center that’s almost always populated by at least one volunteer? I don’t know how many people in our stage had sex – nor do I want to know – but let’s just say I strongly suspect that it was the 1/3 – 1/2 of all volunteers that PC implies has sex during training.

We do it in pouring tropical rainstorms, beneath thundering tropical waterfalls, and in front of vast desert panoramas. Most statistics and claims about sex are absolute bullshit. Sorry ladies, he’s not 11 inches long and able to go for hours.

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