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The other recordings just weren’t anywhere as useful.Anyway; by far my best Jupiter this season, and I’m quite pleased with the result.I was not going to waste this opportunity by just staring at Jupiter through an eyepiece. I had been without an equatorial platform for my Dobson for a few weeks, but I was just in time to have a new platform more or less in working condition.After half an hour into imaging I had to rush back inside and fix some manual declination controls I added just hours before the recording session started – basically I had to apply a bit of lock bond to make sure the bolt stayed fixed when I turned the declination control – but other than that I had everything I wanted: decent tracking capabilities and a possibility to correct for my poor polar alignment.Veteran Bio Ware designer Matt Rhodes has posted an array of Mass Effect concept art from throughout the sci-fi trilogy which hints at early ideas for the series' characters and conclusion.

Threads on this page were started , or slightly later.I like this semi-manual approach, as it gives you lots of control, and involves lots of fiddling around with image processing software. The seeing wasn’t that great really, I only stacked about 30-40% of the frames for each recording, but the transparency was good and being able to use this many stacks really helps to bring out the finer details and contrasts.I had recorded for several hours at a time, but in the end I combined only the best 4 red channels, and 2 green and blue channels each, that all happened to be imaged within about a 25 minute time period of more stable conditions."The debate about whether or not to reveal Tali's face was one that lasted a long time.

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  • Family laughs off epic Photoshop fail that left them. profil de paulette60


    There have been any number of PhotoShop controversies over the years, from the almost routine retouching of images of models to photojournalists being caught.…